This year, three sports betting bills were introduced at the Minnesota legislature. None of the bills contained satisfactory consumer protection language and NPGA supplemented each bill with extensive language to insert in the bills.

Due to COVID and disinterest from the tribal nations to move forward with sports betting, the bills have not progressed. Many of the tribal nations are taking their time to understand the full impact of legalizing sports betting and the potential benefit and ramifications to their communities.

Given the rapid pace at which so many states and sports leagues are moving to align with sport betting licenses and cultivate new revenue streams, it appears that it’s only a matter of time before Minnesota passes some sports betting legislation. Sports betting has now been legalized in over 20 states plus the District of Columbia with many permitting online betting.

As this type of gambling continues to grow, we need to ensure that players minimize their risks and have the resources they need should their gambling become a problem.

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