If you have started on your road to recovery, congratulations. It takes courage, conviction, lots of support and grace for an individual to choose recovery. It’s not an easy path, but one that when achieved has many rewards.

We wish you the best in your journey and hope you are taking advantage of the resources available to Minnesotans for free treatment, attending a peer recovery meeting or using ways to keep yourself from gambling, such as Gamban, an online gambling blocking app.

Northern Light, the MNAPG award-winning quarterly newsletter.

How Does your gambling compare with others?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you are gambling more than most. By taking this quiz you’ll be able to gage your gambling compared to other Minnesotans.

Gambler Healing – If you’re wondering if gambling may be consuming too much of your life and you’re not quite ready to reach out to a counselor, Gambler Healing may be a good place to start. These 8 sessions depict real gamblers in recovery with their counselor. By visiting this website, you’ll have access to all the video sessions and accompanying materials to get you started. If at any point you want to speak to a counselor, the list of providers is below. Treatment is at no cost and telehealth sessions are available.


Gambler’s Anonymous (GA), 
1-855-222-5542 (1-855-2CALLGA)

You can also visit this web site for a list of worldwide GA meetings.

GAM-ANON The toll-free helpline is 1-888-435-7166 (1-888-HELP1MN).

Smart Recovery 440-951-5357

Take Our Quiz

How does your gambling compare with other Minnesotans?

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to ask if you think your gambling is starting to be a problem.


Northern Light, the MNAPG award-winning quarterly newsletter.


Working your recovery program is hard and if you stick with it, will transform your life. In times when you may feel tempted to gamble online or visit a casino or card room, there are a few tools that some have found helpful. None are foolproof, but these tools may be helpful.

Voluntary self-exclusion from land-based casinos and cardrooms

In Minnesota, anyone interested in self-exclusion for a fixed time (6 months, one year, three years or a lifetime) from either a casino or card room may do so by signing a voluntary agreement with each separate facility. By signing this contract, you are agreeing not to enter the premises for a specified time and the casino/card room will cease to provide promotional materials to your mailing address. If you should break the agreement during the specified time, the operator has the right to charge you with trespassing and/or if you should win a jackpot of $1,200 or more, you will not receive it.


TrueLink is a debit card that allows you or a family member to control exactly how much money can be spent, and on exactly what items or activities it can be spent.


We are not raised to talk about money. We receive little training in school about managing finances or managing risk with the money we have. It’s important for individuals and families to discuss what they want their money to do for them and to set goals to obtain those wants. Setting goals helps develop some discipline to stick to a plan so that ultimately we can live the life we want to live. Below are some resources to help start those conversations.

How to Talk About Money, The Money Advice Service, United Kingdom publication. pdf

Personal Financial Strategies of The Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers, NCPG, 2000 pdf

Reduce time and money spent on online gambling with voluntary, self-exclusion apps that block online sites.

View, download or order a hard copy below (These are meant to be supplemental guides, not a replacement for therapy)

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