Kurt Dahl, a Minnesotan who resides primarily in Washington state, has self-published a new book called “The New Millennium 5 Step Program: A powerful guide to living a gambling-free life.” The book re-examines the traditional 12-step Gamblers Anonymous (GA) program and offers an alternative. He continues to support individual’s participation in GA meetings, but believes the 12-step program, originally designed in the 1930s, needs a more updated approach.

Some of you may have read Kurt’s first book, “Gambling Addiction,” in which he writes about the prevalence of suicide among gamblers. Kurt is in long-term recovery and is an alumnus of the Vanguard Center for Gambling Recovery, which he credits for saving his life.

Kurt advocated for these five steps:

  1. Get ready, get set
  2. Go all in
  3. Take care of yourself
  4. Recovery is forever
  5. Pay it forward

As times change, it’s important that approaches to helping those with gambling addiction be evaluated to make sure they are current and applicable. Our last edition of Northern Light (Fall 2023) noted that the GA Blue Book underwent a significant revision, acknowledging that the book wasn’t as relevant as it could be. Members were seeking an updated guide that would facilitate meetings, work with sponsors, provide clarity on the process and help any reader better understand the program.

Note that MNAPG does not endorse any particular path to recovery. Individuals need to find what works best for them and, if it keeps them out of harm’s way, stick with it.

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