New Feedback Tool for All Minnesotans

Minnesotans now have the ability to see how their gambling behavior compares with other residents of the North Star State. MNAPG now provides a survey that will provide both feedback and useful information.

The survey, produced in partnership with Evolution Health, provides information on a respondent’s gambling habits and attitudes in comparison with other Minnesotans. Survey takers are asked to provide their first names, basic demographic information and answers to questions about their level of engagement with gambling.

As answers are provided, a pie chart graph pops up so that the viewer can see how other Minnesotans participate in that particular form of gambling. The respondent will also receive a personalized report identifying where they fall in the problem gambling spectrum as well as tips and resources. The report is private and is not held by Evolution Health or MNAPG. Aggregate data will be collected and will not be identifiable by name, IP address or any other identifying method. Our hope is that as an individual is considering whether they are experiencing negative consequences relating to gambling that this will be the start of further personal awareness and opportunities to seek helpful resources. The survey can be found at HERE.

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