Minnesota Sports Betting

The 2021 Minnesota legislative session saw three sports betting bills introduced. None made any significant progress, as Minnesota tribes were not currently supportive of negotiating a new compact.

Charitable Gambling

Near session-ending legislation was introduced by the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) to ensure electronic pull-tab and bingo games comply with the intent of the 2012 authorizing statute, which permitted electronic versions to mimic the paper games. However, MIGA contests that over time, pull-tab and bingo game design has evolved closer to mimicking games that are supposed to be exclusive to tribal gaming. Additionally, these charitable gambling games have grown quite popular and have significantly increased generated revenue for the state, charitable entities and for the bars and restaurants that offer them. The bill’s intent is to respect the intent of the original 2012 statute. The bill did not pass this session. (Full disclosure: NPGA receives ½ of 1% of the tax revenue generated from pull-tabs. Representatives from MIGA and Allied Charities are both members of our board of directors.)

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