MNAPG has a strong relationship with Minnesota’s problem gambling treatment community. Problem gambling counselors play a critical role in ensuring that Minnesotans receive the best possible services. We work to ensure that counselors receive the best training, earn equitable wages for their work and have the resources available to stay current with the gambling industry.

Regular meetings provide the opportunity for providers to gather so they can network and share their knowledge and experiences with colleagues. MNAPG also shares updates on outreach and prevention work in the community as well as advocacy efforts.

We encourage providers to become members of both MNAPG and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). This is a great way to stay informed about problem gambling developments in Minnesota and at the federal level. As a member, you can:

  • Attend monthly NCPG webinars for free
  • Receive discounts for conferences
  • Be eligible for MNAPG scholarships to attend the national conference, and
  • Lend support to both organizations at the state and federal levels

CONTINUING Education for Problem Gambling PROVIDErs

Annual Training/Conference Opportunities
  • National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Annual Conference – 2024 San Diego, CA. in person July 17 – July 20
  • MNAPG makes scholarships available for this conference to any state approved gambling counselor who holds a joint membership with NCPG and MNAPG. Membership information can be found here
A Move Towards Greater Credibility through Professional Credentials

Minnesota requires 60 hours of problem gambling training. By completing these hours, Minnesota counselors qualify to take the IGCC-II exam and, if passed and have met the other criteria, would be able to add IGCC-II as an additional professional certification. To maintain this certification, counselors must be re-certified every three years through evidence of 60 hours of approved non-repetitive continuing education, 30 hours of which must be gambling- or gaming-specific IGCCB-approved hours. The remaining 30 hours (non-specific) can be obtained through a variety of methods in the behavioral health field. For more information visit the IGCCB site.

Supervision – Pilot Program Begins October 2022

MNAPG is contracting with a Board Approved Clinical Counselor (BACC) to provide voluntary case management supervision. MNAPG cannot require participation but it’s our hope that any problem gambling state approved counselor seeing clients with gambling disorder or treating family members would participate in a monthly call. The calls include presentations of several cases and provide an opportunity for counselors to learn from one another and to identify areas of need.

In 2019, the Oregon Health Authority commissioned an international survey of the major thought leaders, researchers and clinicians in the problem gambling field gathering best practices in five distinct areas of gambling treatment. The survey results were compiled and resulted in the creation of the latest guide to core competencies for a problem gambling treatment program.  GUIDE TO CORE COMPETENCIES FOR TREATING PROBLEM GAMBLING, Oregon Health Authority, 2019.

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MNAPG has developed a number of informational brochures. If you would like to order some to place in your reception areas or to distribute, please use our order form.

MNAPG Normative Feedback Tool

This is a survey in which your client will be asked a series of questions relating to their gambling preferences and their attitudes towards gambling. As they answer the questions, they will see how other Minnesotans have replied. At the completion of the survey, they’ll receive a report letting them know where they fall on the problem gambling spectrum. You can check out the survey yourself by clicking here.


Screening Standards Manual NCPG

Gambling Assessment Manual NCPG

Your First Step to Change, 2nd Edition. A self-help toolkit of resources to help start the journey toward recovery from problem gambling behavior.

What is Gambling Disorder? One-page article describing Gambling Disorder from a mental health perspective.

Why Screen for Gambling? Evidence-based information about the importance of screening for Gambling Disorder.

The Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen. Our recommended brief screen for Gambling Disorder (a one-page, “printer friendly” screener)

Gambling Resources & Referrals. Additional problem gambling information and tools for self-help and referrals.

BBGS e-Screener. An electronic version of our Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (only users see their results)


You and your clients should know that treatment has helped improve the lives of many Minnesotans with a gambling problem. We have a trove of stories reflecting this success.

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