Two bills to legalize sports betting in Minnesota were introduced this year. The status and nature of each bill is detailed below. It doesn’t appear that Minnesota will pass either of these bills this session.

Bill: SF1984
Description: The bill would establish a framework for betting through a sports pool and for taxing wagers. Betting would take place through casinos, racetracks websites and mobile apps. Wagering would be allowed on any sport permitted by the newly created Minnesota Sports Wagering Commission (pre-college competition would be excluded).
Funding: Similar to the charitable gambling legislation, the bill mandates that .005% (one half of one percent) of net sports wagering revenue be transferred to the special revenue fund and appropriated to the Minnesota Department of Human Service’s compulsive gambling treatment program while another .005% is appropriated to the National Council on Problem Gambling state affiliate (Northstar).
Status: The bill was initially heard by the Senate Tax Committee, went through a first engrossment and moved to the Government Policy Committee. No additional hearings occurred. As far as we can tell, the bill has not been included in the overall tax bill.

Bill: HF 1278
Description: This bill would legalize sport betting and create a new sports wagering commission that would oversee the licensing of sports pool operators, designate premises, and establish mobile and electronic licensing. The bill listed local restrictions as well as participation restrictions. In lieu of a corporate tax, a sports wagers excise tax would be imposed, requiring administration and reporting of the revenue.
Funding: The bill does not detail that funds be set aside for problem gambling treatment, prevention, education and research.
Status: This bill was introduced and referred to the House Commerce Committee. There was no further action.

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