Gambling may have benefits but also has well documented negative consequences. Internet gambling is no exception. It is clear that some who gamble online will develop problems and that these problems are serious. The most ethical and cost-effective response to gambling addiction issues is a comprehensive public health strategy that includes prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, responsible gambling, research and recovery services. Responsible gambling standards are an important aspect of this approach. The National Council on Problem Gambling has developed these standards to help guide discussions among all stakeholders on internet gambling, including operators, regulators, advocates and the public.
In 2012 NCPG reviewed internet responsible gaming codes and regulations from around the world to guide the development of this standard. The Standards were revised in 2019. The final recommendations in this document come from our experience in problem gambling issues, empirical evidence, existing international codes and feedback from experts in the field including operators, vendors, regulators, researchers, clinicians and advocates. The NCPG standards are continually evolving, as internet gambling-related legislation, regulation and technology are rapidly being introduced. It is intended to apply across all platforms (including web, desktop, mobile, app and any other device that can be used for internet gambling). . . . Read the full article.

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