For those who struggle with a gambling addiction, the day of the Big Game can be especially problematic, bringing back memories and urges to gamble. We suggest the following tips to help problem gamblers and their families get past this Sunday.

  • Should you have the urge to gamble, call 1-800-333-HOPE (4673) for assistance
  • Do something positive for yourself or another instead of betting on the Big Game
  • Do not watch the game
  • Go to the movies, a play, or go out dining; participate in any type of activity where the game will not be shown
  • Avoid social settings such as parties on the day of the Big Game
  • Go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting; some meetings host a pizza party or special event on the day of the game
  • Should you wager on the game, know your limits; bet with your head and not over it
  • Do not consume alcohol and/or take drugs if you have wagered on the game and/or will be watching the game
  • Be mindful that physical and/or emotional abuse toward family or loved ones is not acceptable
  • If you are a family member of a problem gambler, attend a Gam-Anon meeting this weekend
  • Family members need to be mindful of the potential volatility on Sunday and their need for safety
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