Become a certified problem gambling counselor, learn the best practices in the field through virtual courses. Full reimbursement for training is available. As an approved problem gambling Counselor, DHS will reimburse your agency for the treatment services provided.

Problem Gambling Training Scholarship Fund Information and Timeline

    The Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling is now administering the Minnesota Department of Human Services scholarship/reimbursement program for training of qualified clinicians who wish to become a problem gambling counselor or wish to learn more about the addiction and work collaboratively with an approved provider.

    Eligibility requirements to receive a scholarship:

      • Must be a qualified provider serving Minnesota residents.
      • Must be fully licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor, a mental health professional, a psychologist, a social worker, a marriage and family therapist, psychotherapist or a psychiatric nurse.
      • An agency may apply for the scholarship on behalf of qualifying staff.

    Per Minnesota Administrative Rule 9585.0040, MNAPG recognizes training certified by the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB). To be eligible to become an approved problem gambling counselor provider you must complete a minimum of 60 hours of training and be employed by a servicing agency.

    IGCCB has set up approved training programs for professionals to obtain appropriate training courses that meet the IGCCB standard. Approved status is a mark of quality that the body awards to training programs that meet their standards for training content and delivery.

    These courses are 100% virtual.

    This fiscal year, due to the delay in receiving the contract, please apply for only the amount of training you can complete by June 15, 2023. A new contract will be available in FY24 (beginning July 1, 2023) with a longer time frame to complete the entire track.

    Apply here (contact if you would like the application in a different format):

    You may select one track from the following:
    NOTE: The reimbursement-scholarship will cover the full cost of each training module.
    Scholarship Application Process – December-June 2023
      • Completed applications are submitted to MNAPG for review.
      • Applicants will receive approval/denial notice within a week of submission via email.
      • Approved applicants must complete a W-9 and return to MNAPG.
      • Approved applicants may enroll in the desired Track. Save your receipt for enrollment.
      • Applicants receive their certificate of completion. Send a pdf copy of certificate and receipt of course enrollment to MNAPG.
      • REMEMBER – Certificates of completion must be received by MNAPG by JUNE 15 to receive reimbursement. This is a hard deadline. No funds will be released beyond this date. If you don’t think you can complete the first 30 hours, or if you choose Track Two (60 Hours) by June 15, 2023, please wait for the new cycle which will likely begin in July/August 2023.

    Reimbursements will be paid within 30 days of receiving all documents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can anyone apply for this scholarship?
    Applicants must be a qualified licensed provider serving Minnesota residents.

    How much is the scholarship for?
    The reimbursement-scholarship will cover the full cost of each training module.

    Do I have to pay for the course first from my own resources?
    Yes, the scholarship recipient or employer is responsible for paying for the training at the time of enrollment and will be reimbursed after confirmation of course completion.

    How long is the training?
    The length of training varies depending on which track you choose. For those wanting to seek a contract with DHS as a problem gambling counselor, you must complete at least 60 hours of training approved by the IGCCB. Training is broken down into parts to enable participants to work at their own pace.

    Can I become a problem gambling counselor as an LADC?
    Currently, DHS is unable to enter into problem gambling counselor contracts with individual LADCs. However, an LADC may provide gambling treatment services under the employment of a licensed treatment program or mental health agency. Clients would not qualify for free treatment and counselors would not be reimbursed for services.

    More questions? Contact Sonja Mertz at

    We encourage providers to become members of both MNAPG and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). This is a great way to stay informed about problem gambling developments in Minnesota and at the federal level. As a member, you can:

    • Attend monthly NCPG webinars for free
    • Receive discounts for conferences
    • Be eligible for MNAPG scholarships to attend the national conference, and
    • Lend support to both organizations at the state and federal levels

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